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Welcome to Cattery “von Dashosawy”. “von Dashosawy” is a FIFé registered Cattery in Germany. My husband and I live in Hamburg and we breed Somalis in the colours black-silver (usual silver), sorrel-silver, blue-silver and fawn-silver. On these pages you can meet all our cats, both the ones we use for breeding now and the retired ones. We have a lot of pictures which you will find under the button ‘Galerie’ on our site. We hope you will enjoy them. If you have any questions you are welcome to contact us via mail.

About us and our cats

When our daughter was about four years old, she wanted to have a cat. I also love cats, and my parents and I had housecats, which lived in the house and outside for a long time. We lived near a motorway and our new cat shouldn’t go outside. So we looked for purebred cats as they are more affectionate to their family and can live inside the house. We went to a cat-show and meet some breeders of Abyssinian-cats. Some days later we visited a cattery and fell in love with a little sorrel male, which was without a new home. After our holidays our first Abyssinian “Cyprien von Delensdorp”, bred by Heike and Rolf Gerken’s daughter, came to our house. We lived more than 12 years with him and when he passed away we were very very sad. First we did not want to have a new cat, but our house was so quiet and we were “infected with the Aby and Somali-virus”. So we started looking for a Somali.

We wanted to see Somalis and how they live and so we visited an Somali breeder in Hamburg. There we saw sweet and lovely cats and one of them stayed with us all the time. It was “Marica’s Soft Cinnamon Xabasho”, a stud in sorrel. He “adopted” us and has been living in our house since autumn 1999. He missed feline friends and so “Marica’s Danica Dukkebarn”, also sorrel, came to us. We lost Xabasho in spring 2010 at the age of 11 ½ years. Danica followed him end of november 2010.

At the FIFé-World-Show in Germany in 2001, I saw a black-silver Somali and at that moment it was my wish to have such a cat. I started looking for a silver-female and some times later I contact some breeders in Denmark. At the cattery Dushara I found my first sorrel-silver and some weeks later “Dushara Rosy Morning Freeze” - we call her Snowy- came into our house. When she was 9 month old, she had a uterine infection and was very ill. With the help from our veterinary we need not neuter her, but she had a lot of problems to become pregnant. At that time we bought “Dushara Abina”, our first black-silver female and with “Snowy” and “Abina” we start our cattery.

Our Somalis are really members of our family and our kittens are from birth a part of the family too. They play with great pleasure in our beds, in all our rooms and when we war outside on the table too.

We want to breed beautiful and healthy cats with a lot of temper. Our breeding-cats are tested for blood-group, PRA (Gen-test), Patella-Luxation and PK-Deficiency.





  Theo von Gulda
is our new stud for the future. He is born in November 2018 and one part of his pedigree is out of my beloved Fayola. You can see more on his page and also you can see pictures in his galerie.

19.01.02 Theo english


19.03.25 1330850 L-ni-engl --

Lailya Liwani v. Dashosawy
is our sweet future queen. She has some rufism, but the same wonderful temper than her mother Ilanga. She is born 21. February 2019 and you can see more on her page. Pitures you can see in her galerie.


Iyabo Ilanga von Dashosawy
is our sweet girl from my beloved Wakilah. She is born on 21. August 2017. More you can see on her page and pictures you can see in her galerie.

18.01.07 Ilanga 1290431english--


Olga-Omara von Gulda
is our sweet little girl from my breeder-friend Daniela. She is born on 12. August 2016. More you can see on her page and pictures you can see in her galerie.

16.12.29 Omara 1230945 english


18.07.18 1300430 Muuni-engl. --

Munthu de la Cornaline
 is our boy from France. He is born 23. June 2016. More you can see on his page and pictures you can see in his galerie.


Hidaya Hodaru v. Dashosawy
is our sweet neutered boy in sorrel-silver. He has decided to stay with us. More you can see here and pictures from him you can see in his galerie.

18.09.12 Hodaru 1300699 english --.


Tadowo english P1130335

GIP Tadowo von Dashosawy
Tadowo is a son from Quafiso - the wonderful Variant from our Q-litter. He is the father from V-litter, W-litter and X-litter. He is born 3. September 2013 and is neutered since August 2014. More you can see here and pictures from him you can see in his galerie.